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Neth FM Radio Sri Lanka, Neth FM has started out the sight of its audience by creating creativeness and visualization of the air within a very less time after its formation that functions for all 24 hours and serves the whole group by broadcasting a great range of programs which could touches on issues with regards to life style of Sri Lankans–Religious beliefs, Records, cultural aspect, Technological innovation, Activities and Present Matters. On 03rd Nov 2005 ASSET RADIO BROADCASTING (PVT) LIMITED started its professional functions with its initial Sinhala language FM route “NETH FM” along with the slogan, ‘Radio for Life’.

With the True faith on our fans we have been wishing for a radio place with the idea for many years, and now the Nations FM “NETH FM” has satisfied the wishes of the minds and hearts of country people.

Currently NETH FM Sri Lanka Radio has utilized significant sections of from the professional perspective practical place and includes 85% of the Sinhala Stereo Listeners in the nation & 70% from the complete regional place. That’s why this time our radio is the “Nations Radio” and ranked as No. “3” and has a complete listener ship of about 30 hundred thousand with respect to the newest LMRB analysis – by Lanka Markets Researches Institution the authorities in tracking channels, and is specifically highly well-known on information, present affairs & other spiritual programs. ( i.e. Our morning hours & night information and Meth NETH Pamula (01st spiritual program in the private stereo market)  are ranked as “1” in all the channels list).

The 24 times program lineup is well organized and depend on analysis results on the focus on huge listeners, is the main strength to NETH FMs success, with top category enjoyment as its concern. Neutral politically relevant programs and activities on NETH FM Radio are amongst the most well-known reveals with the fans and listeners.

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